About us

When we first began our own community organisation in 2017 (DigiKick), we found it really difficult.

Whenever we managed to get some funding, we were scared because we didn’t know how to report on the funding. We didn’t know how to talk about our work to get more participants or make links in the community. We didn’t know what data funders wanted about our participants or how to start gathering data.

We knew that we needed to learn and develop and there was training out there. But once we had sifted through all of the training opportunities to find the ones which were relevant to us, we found they were either too expensive or during times in the day when we had to deliver our community projects.

Training isn’t suitable for community organisations.

So we decided to change that.

We spent countless hours sifting through online training, reading books, talking with experts and making embarrassing mistakes. This experience helped us understand the information funders wanted from us and helped us develop the skills to use IT to get that information as efficiently as possible (For example, we don’t want to make each participant sit through a 50 question survey before they can access our support).

As we started to develop our own skills, we started to get approached by other community organisations. We developed in person workshops and later this DigiQuick platform.

Our aim with DigiQuick is to make access to training fast, reliable and practical. We think training should work for organisations, not the other way around.