Online training to help you grow your community organisation

Online training fits your schedule

Learn practical skills

Reliable training you can trust

An online training platform made for community organisations

With DigiQuick, you will…

Get back to the work you love

With DigiQuick on your side, you will learn how to automate the boring parts of your work and get you back to your delivery.

Learn how to:

  • Manage your grant spending
  • Get useful data on your participants
  • Market your groups to make sure they are full
Feel less stressed

Learn how to create robust tools which are proven to work for community organisations. Finally put grant reporting to the back of your mind so you can focus on the important things – your project delivery

Save money

A full subscription to all courses costs less per week than a coffee! You can finally access training which is affordable and reliable.

You’ve tried training which didn’t work

You’ve tried training before which wasted your time and money on skills which didn’t help you.

DigiQuick is different.


Training you can trust

Fast lessons

Almost every lesson is less than 20 minutes.

That is less time than it takes to check your emails.

Practical topics

Every DigiQuick course teaches you to make tools which are already used in community organisations.

You can trust DigiQuick training to help you.

Online access

It’s so hard to try and fit training into your hectic schedule.

DigiQuick is online so that you can train whenever you are free, wherever you are.

We can help you

When we first began our own community organisation in 2017, we found it really difficult.

We fixed it.

How it works


Choose the course you want to learn


Watch the lessons and put your new skills into practice


Save time and feel less stressed

What you can learn…

In this course, you will learn how to…

  • Track you grant spending
  • Make grant reporting easy
  • Feel confident with spreadsheets

In this course, you will learn how to…

  • Use Canva to make flyers
  • Know what should (and shouldn’t) go on a flyer
  • Master marketing theory

In this course, you will learn how to…

  • Impress your funders with accurate data
  • Track your participant demographics
  • Feel confident with Spreadsheets

What clients say

“I used to ask my husband for help with Spreadsheets, but I don’t need to anymore!”

– Susie

Leaf Creative Arts

“Knowing lessons are short means that I can fit DigiQuick into my day”

– Tim Scott – Hub Service Coordinator (West Midlands)

Cruse Bereavement Support

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