Empowering Community Organisations: How DigiQuick Makes Training Flexible and Effective

30th May 2024

By Chris Laband

The DigiKick mission is to help people leverage the power of the internet. Since 2017, we’ve been delivering practical internet training. However, when the pandemic hit, community organisations needed to move online quickly. Traditional workshops weren’t ideal – they were inflexible and time-consuming.

This is where DigiQuick stepped in…

Our initial training approach relied on workshops, both in-person and virtual. While these provided valuable learning experiences, we soon encountered challenges common to workshops.  

In the fast-paced world of community organisations, where project delivery, grant management, and staffing take priority, finding even 3 hours for training can be a significant hurdle. 

Even more, traditional workshops are typically one-off events. This means you can’t recap material or learn in-depth skills.  

We need a training solution which fits community organisations.

Recognising these challenges with workshops, we searched for a solution. 

DigiQuick developed as the answer, an e-learning platform of video lessons designed specifically for community organisations.

Because we were designing DigiQuick for community organisations, we prioritised three key features: 

Bite-sized learning: Every DigiQuick course is made of lessons under 20 minutes, allowing learners to fit training into their busy schedules. 

Focus on practical skills: Courses equip users with immediately applicable skills, like Creating flyers using Canva

Clear explanations: We understand that beginners might not be familiar with technical terms. DigiQuick explains all the jargon and foundational skills in a clear and concise manner. 

And our learners loved it! Other DigiQuickers told us:

“As a Kinaesthetic learner, I found this type of training to be so helpful and useful. The large arrows pointing to key parts really helped my confidence.”

“The pace of DigiQuick is perfect, it’s so easy to understand”.

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DigiQuick is designed for community organisations. We want to fit training into your schedule and get you back to doing the work you love.

Flexible Learning: Forget rigid workshop schedules. DigiQuick allows you to access training whenever it fits your busy schedule. Whether it’s after putting the kids to bed or squeezing it in between meetings, DigiQuick is there for you. 

Self-Paced at Your Convenience: Learn at your own pace. No need to rush through complex topics. DigiQuick’s bite-sized lessons and clear explanations allow you to master new skills comfortably. Re-watch lessons or skip ahead – you can train at your own pace.

Outcome-Focused Training: We understand your time is valuable. That’s why DigiQuick courses are designed with clear outcomes in mind. Learn practical skills like managing grant spending or creating demographic-tracking registers, all directly applicable to your community work. 

Interactive Activities: Reinforce your learning and solidify your understanding with engaging and interactive activities throughout each DigiQuick course.

With DigiQuick, you can train at your own pace to help your organisation grow and become more sustainable (you don’t need to be an incorporated organisation to learn with DigiQuick)

DigiQuick training is there when you are ready and can teach at your skill level.  

Ready for the next step? DigiQuick training is FREE for a limited time.

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The things you can learn are: 

  • Tracking grant spending (Google Sheets) 
  • Making flyers with Canva 
  • Making a session register which tracks demographics (Google Sheets) 

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